Road Association

Keith County does not contribute to the maintenance of the roads you drive on (labor, street signs, gravel, equipment, etc.) in your subdivision. Our road maintenance will be contracted out at a reduced rate to individuals who reside here within our community. This will help us to keep our future costs as low as possible. We will be looking at ways to improve our roadways, including updated signage and equipment.

We would like to request that when you have guests to please make sure they respect the roads, whether its automobiles, motorcycles, 4-wheelers, golf carts, etc. We have spent a tremendous amount of money on gravel and rock along with the time and effort. We try our best to keep them nice for you and your guests. Please refrain from putting grass clippings in the street, keep tree limbs trimmed from overhanging roads and keep the right of way open by parking all vehicles as far off the road as possible. Thank you for your help!

Annual assessment for road maintenance costs:

One lot with building: $75.00
More than one lot with non-building (additional): $25.00
Unimproved lot: $50.00
Albee’s Mobile Home Park$50.00

Please feel free to contact any of these board members with questions regarding our roads or email:

Each lot owner will be billed every January. Please remit your road bill by February 15, 2023 to our Corporate Mailing Address.

Thank you for your consideration and support and please show pride in our Subdivision by contributing.

Albee Road Association
P.O. BOX 90
Lemoyne, NE 69146

Road Board

Greg Steward, President

Chuck Saunders, Vice President

Mike Cadigan, Treasurer

Jeff Dunn, Secretary

Rob Schilz

Diane Speck

Rich Winchell

Minutes & Agendas