Water Association

Our first year of full operation is now under our belt.  We accomplished a great deal, had our first annual meeting and election, (the current board of 6 was re-elected!), learned a lot about our system, and look forward to future challenges.  In brief, we were able to upgrade three wells, replace a pressure tank, install a more powerful pump and motor, replace and improve three water valves, and repair and improve several smaller projects. Our generator was serviced and our propane tank filled and ready for years to come!  Our prevailing philosophy is to tackle each challenge as it comes, and take the opportunity to do the best most cost effective upgrade or repair each time.  The future of our water supply depends on our wise management strategies now!

In order to keep you informed of water association activities, please remember we have this web site to assist us!  Our minutes are posted, but most importantly, our BY LAWS and POLICIES can be found there.  Important information, such as who is eligible for Board elections, is included!

As we go into 2024, our single biggest challenge is how best to conserve our precious water resource and provide maximum water pressure to all homes. In the off months of winter, our usage and pressure are sufficient.  Once the summer high season arrives and our community occupancy significantly increases, we have both usage and pressure challenges.  The single most effective management strategy to help everyone receive the best service is to monitor the watering of lawns and use of sprinkler systems. We can’t stress enough the need to be watering in cooler hours of the day!  Please water in the LATE EVENING, OVERNIGHT, or the EARLY MORNING hours before 5:00 AM.   With your cooperation, we can all have the best service possible!

Thank you for your time and patience as we progress into our new system of ownership and operation.  Please contact one of the board members with any questions, comments, or to report any type of water leak, supply issue or maintenance need! Our phone numbers are on the web site!  

Please check the website for coming important dates and annual meeting info!

Our best wishes for a healthy, safe and happy 2024!

Water Board

Todd Namuth, President

Anthony Palmieri,Secretary

Troy Patterson, Co-Treasurer

Abby Patterson, Co-Treasurer

Roger Abrams

John Sizer

Minutes & Agendas