Water Association

Albee’s Subdivisions 3 and 4 are serviced by 7 wells all of which are owned and managed by the newly formed Albee Water Association. The Water Association maintains all the wells and water main lines in the roads in the Subdivision.  Property owners are responsible for any water issues that occur from the main line to that residence.  

For those who have sprinkler systems, PLEASE run your sprinklers between sunset and sunrise.  Please do not run them during the daytime, this will help us save water and maintain water pressure for all to use during the day!

New rates for 2023:

For all residents and property owners the annual rate will be $400.00 per year, billed once a year in January. This community is unique in its year-round accessibility to water and wells, and as such everyone will be billed equitably.  Please remit your WATER BILL to our Corporate Mailing Address: 

Albee Water Association
103 Albees 3
Lewellen, NE 69147

Water Board

Todd Namuth, President

Anthony Palmieri,Secretary

Troy Patterson, Co-Treasurer

Abby Patterson, Co-Treasurer

Roger Abrams

John Sizer

Minutes & Agendas