A letter about the changes

To all residents in Albee’s Subdivisions:

In early 2022, the Albee Family made the decision to create two independent, member run, non-profit organizations. One for the management of roads and one for water. The decision was made to transition ownership to those companies, which are respectively run by Boards of Directors on a volunteer basis. 

These two organizations will now be responsible for running and managing the roads and water.  All residents paying and current with water/road fees are owner members and will have one vote at the annual meeting. The annual meeting of members will be held the Thursday Prior to Memorial Day each year. These boards will do their utmost to assure professional service, timely decisions, and to make all decisions within the best interest of the community. 

In an effort to create updated records on all Albee properties, we request you to submit updated contact information. Please send your current primary mailing address, phone numbers and email addresses to albeeinfo@albeesub.com Please discontinue contacting the Albee family moving forward. We would also like to thank the Albee’s for their hard work and past service.

Roads – Jeff Dunn – 308-539-2870 JeffDunnRoads@Outlook.com

Water – Anthony Palmieri – 303-217-1120 medwell@comcast.net

Thank you,

Greg Steward, President, Road Association
Todd Namuth, President, Water Association